Insurance Benefits

Are you looking to insure your ESD practice?

If you’d rather not spend your time searching for liability coverage for your practice, maybe the Association can help!

Membership to the Association of ESD Professionals provides access to insurance coverage for self-defense instructors in an effort to free up your time to do what you do best—teach empowerment self-defense.

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Insurance Policies

The Association is very pleased to be partnering with Sadler Sports & Recreation Insurance to provide access to liability insurance and employer insurance for ESD professionals.

Liability Insurance for Individuals

Sadler Sports Insurance is making their Martial Arts/Self-Defense Instructor program available to members of the Association of ESD Professionals.

This program is for individuals, including independent contractors and DBAs.

It’s super easy to apply! It’s a quote-pay-print program, so just fill out the online application, submit your payment information, and, if approved, voilà! No agent fees, no broker fees.

Coverages Offered

  • Annual liability coverage for self-defense instructors (includes martial arts coverage) starts at $577.

  • Annual liability coverage for martial arts instructors starts at $370.

  • Single-event (no more than 3 days per event) liability coverage for martial arts and self-defense instructors is $127 per event.

Liability Insurance for Entities

If you have W-2 employees and are interested in liability coverage or worker’s compensation insurance for your organization, we’ll get you in touch with our partner insurance agency so that you can speak directly with a real person to get the information and coverage you need.

Directors & Officers Insurance for Non-Profits

If your practice operates as a nonprofit with a board of directors, Directors & Officers coverage (with EPLI) is available.

International Members

The Association will be exploring the possibility of providing coverage to members outside the United States, as well. We do not know whether or not this will be possible, but will be looking into it. Please stay tuned for updates in the coming year.


Join the Association

If you aren’t already a member of the Association of ESD Professionals, join now to get immediate access to self-defense insurance coverage.