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As the Association of ESD Professionals begins to serve its mission to elevate and fortify the ESD profession and broaden the reach of ESD, we invite you to join our growing community.

We welcome everyone working in the ESD profession whether you are an instructor, an instructor-trainer, staff, executive, entrepreneur, volunteer, researcher, writer, artist, or advocate. If you are working in the violence-prevention arena and believe in the principles of ESD, we welcome you!

It is our (admittedly, lofty) goal to find and bring together into this global collaborative every ESD professional in the world. Starting with you!

If you haven’t heard much about the Association before coming to this page, please go to our homepage to learn more. 

And for violence-prevention professionals who may not be familiar with ESD, please come see what empowerment self-defense is all about—if you like what you see, please consider joining the Association. 

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Image by Amy Hirschi

Membership Benefits

Membership will give you access to benefits and features that we hope will support and empower you as an ESD professional:

  • In an effort to elevate the practice of ESD, ensure safety, and engender public trust, we will be offering credentialing, continuing education, accreditations for organizations bolstered by a strong code of ethics and conduct.

  • We will be providing career & business resources to relieve some of the pressure on the business side of your practice.

  • Through our outreach and advocacy work, we will work hard to influence public policy and increase government funding for ESD.

  • To bolster its real-world impact, we will sponsor and share empowerment self-defense research.

  • We will publish a magazine, blog, and podcast that will feature members, their work, their writing, and their art.

  • And, of course, we will host events starting with our first annual conference in Spring 2022 where we will celebrate and feature members.

By joining the Association, you won’t only strengthen your own ESD practice, you will also be helping to build a cohesive global community where ideas are shared and collaborations thrive. And through all of our work, we will aspire to broaden the diversity and inclusiveness of ESD.

Membership Dues

Membership in the Association of ESD Professionals is now open! We welcome you to join our growing community as we build something special, something that will support you in the important work you do, connect you to fellow ESD professionals, fortify the ESD profession, and broaden the reach of ESD. Let’s work together to change the world!


Individual Membership:       $200 Annually

                                                or $25/Month

Organization Membership:  $600 Annually

Learn more about Organization Membership here.

Special pricing for qualifying members with financial need and for some international members. Check out our International Pricing & Discounts Page for details.

Together We Can Change The World